Watch: Magical-Realist Trailer for Berlinale's Panorama Opener 'Blue Blood'

Directed by Lirio Ferreira, Brazilian feature "Blue Blood" won big at the Rio Film Festival in October 2014, and bows again as the opening night of the 65th annual Berlinale's Panorama sidebar. Official synopsis, and TOH! exclusive trailer, below.

Living on an idyllic island paradise, ten-year-old Pedro was separated from his sister Raquel because their mother feared a forbidden attraction between the siblings. Against his will, the boy was sent away to the mainland where he joined a travelling circus. Growing up among a colorful family of circus performers, Pedro transforms into a legendary figure called "Zolah, the Cannon Man." On a circus tour, Zolah – now grown into a handsome and seductive man – returns to the mystical island he was forced to leave behind. Trying to reconnect with his past, he longs for the forbidden love of his lost childhood...


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