San Sebastian Talent: Simon Jaquemet talks about ‘Chrieg,’ a buzzed-up debut at the Spanish festival

In “Chrieg,” Swiss Simon Jaquemet’s feature debut, which world premieres this weekend in San Sebastian’s New Directors competition, 16-year-old Matteo begins the films confirming his own sexuality, sporting a tropical fish tank green comb-over, and bringing a prostitute home to his parents’ house for sex. Dispatched by his father to a farmhouse, in the middle of an Alps nowhere, he falls in with three other teen outcasts. Their idea of a good night out is to steal a car, rough up its owner and try to set light to a disco floor.   Bit with them, Matteo finds a place in the world, respect and love. Sometimes brutal, and a shaded portrait of unruly no-future Swiss youth, and packed with ideas, “Chrieg,” plays in San Sebastian’s New Directors section, Picture Tree International will be looking to convert buzz into bizz. Variety talked to Jaquemet on the eve of San Sebastian...


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