“I'm interested in the false life inside reality”

“I am a fan of Lubitsch,” Nana Neul says, “and I can’t imagine a film of my own with no humour at all. Which doesn’t mean that it needs to be less serious as a result – quite the contrary.” The young director appreciates the art of omission in Lubitsch’s work, and his ability to bring together things that are so very different.

To date, Neul has made only two feature films, but from the very beginning she filled a gap and therefore occupies a very distinct position in the German film world: one of films that are adult and yet make us laugh. It is a well-known fact that Germans  don’t always have an easy relationship with humour. But Neul showed us how things might be with her latest film Silent Summer [+] - a tragicomedy, which sets the comic scenes of a German marriage in the South of France. Neul persuaded a whole list of highly recognised German actors – Dagmar Manzel, Ernst Stötzner, Marie Rosa Tietjen, Victoria Trauttmansdorff, Hans- Jochen Wagner – to tell the story of a career-woman who is compelled to take some time off (and to keep quiet) by the loss of her voice. She retreats to her holiday home in France, where she meets her daughter. Soon her husband follows her there, and the round of relationships and emotions escalates in their wide circle of friends.


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