Finnish Midwife breaks local box-office records

Finnish director Antti J Jokinen’s The Midwife [+], adapted from Katja Kettu’s 2011 novel, broke box-office records when it was released in Finland by Nordisk Film. The film, which registered the best September opening and the best opening for a domestic drama, has after three weeks reached 158,969 admissions, to become this year’s third best-performing local entry on the charts.

Starring Krista Kosonen and Tommi Korpela, with Lauri Tilkanen, The Midwife follows ”the impossible love story” of Finnish midwife Helena, nicknamed Wildeye, and German Nazi officer Johannes Angelhurst in 1944, during the Lapland War of 1944-1945 between Finland and Germany in the aftermath of World War 2. The settings are the Titovka prison camp in Petsamo and the remote Dead Man’s Fjord in the Arctic Ocean. “I think The Midwife has the feel and complexity of a big drama film,” said Jokinen, who also depicts the inhumane treatment of the prisoners of war: Operation 1005, the experiments conducted on the prisoners, and their harsh everyday life in the prison...


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