Fantasia 2016: ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ Review

The Dark Side of the Moon is an interesting foreign language film that deals with man’s inner-beast. Urs Blank is a high-profile lawyer dealing primarily in pharmaceutical mergers. He’s good at his job and has all of the spoils that one would expect someone in his position to have – a fancy car, expensive apartment and dotting partner. After a merger ends in the suicide of one of the company heads, Urs starts to reassess his life. It is then that he meets Lucille, a carefree and sensual young woman, and Urs finds himself doing things he’s never done before. Along with Lucille he takes some mushrooms, but experiences an unsettling side effect when his personality starts to dramatically change. Suddenly he’s much more impulsive, and aggressive. Was it the mushrooms, or is something darker at work?


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