Family ties: Irish indie You're Ugly Too reviewed

YOU'RE Ugly Too is textbook indie cinema, from its understated minor-key tone and leisurely pacing to its unobtrusive acoustic guitar-based score and stubborn refusal to offer up neat resolutions within its tragicomic storyline.

The fact that this gentle, slow-burning drama is also highly affecting and features a superb double-act by leads Aidan Gillen and Lauren Kinsella makes it an ideal end-of-summer elixir for cinema fans feeling dazed and used by the recent crop of CGI-singed popcorn fodder.

Just five minutes of You're Ugly Too, should be enough to finally expunge Fury Road's foul tang from anyone's mind for good.

Admittedly, Irish writer and director Mark Noonan's impressively assured debut feature shares some common ground with George Miller's mystifyingly acclaimed, memories of Mad Max part one desecrating mega-budget destruction derby in that it employs a fair few cinematic tropes...


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