Variety Film Review: ‘Mammal’

Rachel Griffiths gets an overdue showcase in this elegant, elliptical character study of a shuttered divorcee and a feral delinquent. Rachel Griffiths has been so egregiously underused on the big screen in recent years that her mere presence in a leading role is reason enough to commend “Mammal.” That Irish writerdirector Rebecca Daly’s film proves as quietly, uncompromisingly complicated as the actress it showcases makes it worthy of celebration. An elliptical essay in withheld grief and reluctant desire, “Mammal” finds an improbable partner for Griffiths’ peacable loner in 22-year-old livewire Barry Keoghan’s bristling delinquent; their ambiguously sensual attraction is one of
several unarticulated emotional currents coursing through a story that resists obvious psychological cues at every turn.


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