BWW Review: THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE Is Homage To The Thirties

Which do you prefer - 1930s comedies, or 1930s Universal horror films? If you find yourself torn, or your answer is ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET THE WOLFMAN, then David Ruehl's THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE is your new best friend. A darkly hilarious romp through both vampire lore and Viennese psychoanalysis, beautifully cinematographed in sepia-tinged color as bouncy, tinny gramophone music plays over scenes, it dares ask whether life can become boring after several hundred years of existence... and, more particularly, what the effects are of being married for five hundred years to the same other party. Filmed in German with English subtitles, it answers these questions with surprising wit and not as many nods to Freud as you might expect.

(Broadway world)

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