13 Movies To Watch Out For in 2016

The very entertaining Austrian horror comedy THERAPY FOR A VAMPIRE, which echoes Roman Polanski’s wacky Fearless Vampire Killers and the Gothic trappings of vintage Hammer horror flicks, won the Audience Prize at last summer’s Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal. The movie’s clever conceit: even vampires get depressed! That’s what’s ailing Count Geza Von Kösznöm, who, in 1932, seeks out none other than celebrated psychiatrist Dr. Sigmund Freud to rid him of the blues. The Count’s nagging wife has issues of her own; the vain Countess hates the fact that she can’t see her reflection. Writer/director David Rühm then works in various romantic complications, hilarious sight gags and Tim Burton-style visual inventiveness. The shrinks agree: Therapy for a Vampire will chase the gloom away.


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