Dreamland by Petra Volpe

DREAMLAND is a gripping tale of desire, solitude and betrayal that unfolds against a backdrop of human trafficking, deception and unfulfilled hopes. Four interwoven and unsettling stories set on a Christmas Eve are crossing their paths with MIA, a Bulgarian girl working as a prostitute in the streets of Zurich. While preparing a family Christmas dinner, pregnant LENA finds out that her husband MARTIN has been cheating on her with prostitutes.

JUDITH is a dedicated social worker who’s living out her sexual fantasies with a police officer, betraying her boyfriend JONAS.

Recently divorced ROLF is desperately trying to improve the relationship with his teenage daughter. MARIA, widowed and lonely, yearns to seduce JUAN who’s still grieving over his wife’s death.

MIA becomes the very center and falls prey to all the those stories.

Title Dreamland
Type Complete Lineup
Genre Drama
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 99 min

Luna Zimić Mijović
André Jung
Ursina Lardi
Bettina Stucky
Devid Striesow
Marisa Peredes

Directed by Petra Volpe
Produced by

Zodiac Pictures
Wüste Film Ost

Nationality Switzerland, Germany
Original title Traumland
Release year 2013


DREAMLAND pre-selected for the European Film Award

Petra Volpe’s debut feature DREAMLAND, produced by Zodiac Pictures and Wüste Film Ost, was selected by the Swiss members of the European Film Academy (EFA) as a candidate for the European Film Award 2014 nominations. 3000 EFA members will choose the nominations from 50 shortlisted European film productions during the next two months. The nominations will be announced at Seville European Film Festival on November 8, and the European Film Award 2014 will be presented in Riga on December 13. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for Petra Volpe and the entire film team!