Blue Blood by Lirio Ferreira

Living in an idyllic island paradise, ten-year-old Pedro is separated from his sister Raquel because their mother fears a forbidden attraction between the siblings. Against his will, the boy is sent away to the mainland where he joins a travelling circus. Growing up among a colourful family of circus performers, Pedro transforms into a legendary figure called ‘Zolah, the Cannon Man’. On a circus tour, Zolah – now grown into a handsome and seductive man – returns to the mystical island he was forced to leave behind. Trying to reconnect with his past, he longs for the forbidden love of his lost childhood…

Title Blue Blood
Type Complete Lineup
Genre Drama
Category Feature Film
Format DCP
Running Time 119 min

Daniel de Oliveira
Caroline Abras
Sandra Corveloni
Rômulo Braga

Directed by Lirio Ferreira
Produced by

Drama Filmes,
in co-production with Beluga
Telecine, Oliver Kwon,
Frederico Porto
and Filip Jan Rymsza

Nationality Brazil
Original title Sangue Azul
Release year 2015


BLUE BLOOD to open Berlinale Panorama

The main programme of the Panorama will open with the Brazilian production Sangue azul (Blue Blood) by Lirio Ferreira at the CinemaxX 7 on February 5. In the magnificent visuals of a fairy tale, the film tells of a family torn by strife and how, bit by bit, its members find their way back to each other. In doing so they disclose secrets whose consequences only become evident as things unfold.